Students participate in weekly sessions of Physical Education. They cover a range of topics over the year including athletics, basketball, soccer, cricket, tennis, football, gymnastics and dance. The school holds a cross country and athletics carnival for all grade Prep to 6 children. The grade 3 to 6 children also compete in a swimming carnival which gives individuals the opportunity to progress to the District, Division, Region and State level of competition.


Students attend Visual Arts sessions for an hour a week, for one semester each year. The children have the opportunity to explore a broad range of mediums and techniques during their time in the Visual Arts Studio, which has recently been equipped with a pottery kiln. The Visual Arts Facilitator sees the child as the artist and endeavours to support the children to develop their own creative ideas and potential, by introducing them to new techniques and mediums, supporting them through their problem solving processes and inspiring them with work of other artists.


Students participate in weekly classes of Performing Arts for one semester. Students participate in activities designed to develop skills in the areas of Drama and Music. We are lucky to have access to a number of instruments including electronic drum kits, ukuleles, guitars, keyboards as well as two mixing stations for student use. At the end of the semester students will showcase their performing arts skills and achievements at a Showcase Concert.

Lucknow Primary School also has many other optional Performing Arts opportunities. Some of these include singing or dancing at the Victorian State School Spectacular, Friday Fun Singing Group and musical extension groups like the Rock Band and the String Ensemble.


Students participate in Language and Culture lessons on a weekly basis for a semester. During this time, two different countries are studied. The students are exposed to many aspects of the countries we cover, including culture and language. They engage in a variety of lessons and activities designed to enrich their general knowledge and cultural understanding. Although the emphasis is mostly on cultural diversity and practices, there is also a focus on language, with the students learning some basic vocabulary such as greetings.


Students participate in weekly classes of STEM for a semester. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. At Lucknow PS the focus is on Technology and encouraging students to build on and extend their ICT skills, moving them from technology consumers to creators. One such example of a creative application is having students plan, build, then code robots to make them move through a maze.