Principal’s Message

Welcome To Lucknow Primary School

Lucknow Primary School is a welcoming community that values learning through shared responsibility. We strive to develop a caring environment in which we nurture confident, creative and resilient individuals who aspire to be the best they can. As a whole school we endeavour at all times to uphold our School Values of Respect, Care, Honesty, Inclusiveness and Commitment.

We are committed to providing high quality education and we are proud to say that Lucknow Primary School is a pilot school to become a Professional Learning Community.

The very essence of a ‘Professional Learning Community’ is a focus on and a commitment to the learning of each student. The core mission of a PLC is to ensure not simply that students are taught but to ensure they all learn. It is based on the belief that all students can learn. It means providing quality curriculum, researching interventions for students who are not learning and seeking enrichment for students who need extending.

A Professional Learning Community is based on three Big Ideas:

  • A focus on Student Learning
  • A culture of Collaboration
  • A focus on results.

All staff working within a Professional Learning Community work within a framework of four essential questions: What do we want students to learn? How will we know they have learnt it? What will we do if they haven’t learnt it? What will we do if they already know it? The process to become a Professional Learning Community involves ongoing action research into how we can meet the learning needs of all our students ensuring they learn to their full capabilities and improve our whole school results.

When you walk around a school you soak up the 'feel' of the place; how the students interact with one another, how students and staff interact with one another, application to the task at hand, the degree of orderliness and the respect for the school's physical environment.

These are elements that help make up our school's culture, which we place great importance on. We believe the strength of our school is its culture; a culture where everyone—staff and students—is continually striving to achieve their personal best in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

The school's motto "Proud Past ‐ Exciting Future" encapsulates how the school community welcomes and embraces future challenges in the context of its rich traditions.

Lucknow Primary School was established in 1873 and moved from Great Alpine Rd Lucknow, to its current site at Howitt Avenue Eastwood, in 2003.

The move to the new site was in response to the growing development of Eastwood and the need for expanded school grounds and facilities. The building of the new school coincided with growth in student numbers from less than 200 to the current enrolment of 500.

The welfare of students, staff and parents is an underlying consideration in everything that is done. Our school believes that people are the most important resource and that all have something to offer.