Student Leadership

The student leadership team plays an important role in the organisation of the school.

Our student leadership team comprises two student leaders for each of the five Houses, two school captains and two vice captains.

Student leaders are elected by their peers prior to their year of office and the two school captains and vice captains (two boys and two girls) are interviewed and selected by the principal and leadership team members from a shortlisted group, based on student voting. House captains are elected directly by students based on leadership qualities and the school values.

We have also expanded our leadership group to recognise students who are leading in other areas of the school. Students apply and are selected by a group of staff in the following specialist areas - Visual Arts, Performing Arts, E-Learning, Numeracy, Literacy and Playground.

The student leaders are formally trained in public speaking, leadership and meeting procedures. The student leaders run the weekly school assemblies, special events and activities, give birthday cards to each child in the school, and represent opinions on whole school issues.

We also have a Junior School Council with representatives from Year 2 to 6. Junior School Council also run events, canvas ideas in the school and advise the student leadership team of issues and needs in the school.

The school principal, assistant principal and a designated staff member attend student leadership and Junior School Council meetings (held alternate fortnights).